Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why do you do what you do? Part two

After asking my first wdydwyd session, I decided it wouldn't be the last. As I teach English at work every Wednesday, I took the opportunity to ask some of my colleagues why it is they do what they do. The result speaks for itself. Thanks guys!

Putri: "Because I have no reason not to do it"

Daud:"Because I love justice and I'll never stop fighting for it"

Astri: "Because I love to interact with victims"

Neneng: "Because I hate doing the same thing all the time"

Regina: "Because it will help me buy a beautiful house"

Ati: "Because I feel great working with activists fighting the generals :)"

Ali: "Because I am a socialist and I want to go to heaven"

Note: the pictures were taken with iPhone Application Hipstamatic (which make all pictures look good).

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