Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sporty Sundays...

On Sundays, groups of active Jakartans almost make their city look like a livable place! They get up early and hop on their bicycles. The bring packed food, water and blanket and head off to the city center. Twice a month an important traffic artery there (the area around the Hotel Indonesia roundabout) is closed for traffic from 6 to 12 AM. It's a popular outing. Lots of people use this opportunity to wear their sporting outfits and cycle, jog or walk to the National Monument.

The bikers all ride their way through Menteng, the chic neighborhood, where I temporarily live, making stops at the parks along the way. I decided to join the fun, albeit on foot. Two Sundays in a row I went for a walk before breakfast. I actually 'discovered' there were quite some parks! On my way back last week I saw someone get his (folding) bicycle from his car - I guess you shouldn't overdo it and ride your bike all the way from another neighborhood to Menteng, that would be a tad too sporty.

It almost looks like Amsterdam, bikes everywhere!

The casual bikers, not going very fast, just cruisin' the hood

Besides casual bikers (at taman suropati), we have the serious bikers. They're all geared up and had a happy glow around them - look at us doing a Tour de Jakarta.
Folding bikes are cool!

Bikes for sale at the park
Taman Situlembang
With a cute fountain in the middle and kids around it blowing soap bubbles...  (not in the picture, sorry) 

Suggestion box at the park. I wonder if anyone suggests anything... (Has anybody read 'A fraction of the whole? If not, you should. Here's my review. If you have, you'll know why I mention this now *wink wink)


Anonymous said...

folding bike is very cool... Hugs from Brazil... bye bye

Sweet Batik said...

This is so awesome! I wish I can be there one day..