Wednesday, January 24, 2007

West Wing

Never thought I could be a fan of a tv series again , like I once was a fan of Ally McBeal. But I am, maybe even more so... A friend borrowed me the second season of the West Wing and I am completely hooked.

How different things could be, if only the US would have a highly intelligent, witty and 'good' president... Someone like President Bartlet for instance (great acting by Martin Sheen). There's nothing left for me to say, except: Watch that show and go out to change the world!!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Chaka Khan

While browsing for videos of my favorite artists, I stumbled upon this wonderful account of the North Sea Jazz festival; The ultimate Queen of Soul doin' it.

Amy Winehouse - You Know Im No Good

This lady rocks! You should also check out her website Great lyrics, beautifull melodies, beatz: I am hooked.


We all have our personal heroes. People we look up to. People we'd like to be, if only for a day.
Above I'll feature some of them.