Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes dark clouds surround us. Everything seems to go wrong: You're in a hurry and have a flat tire. It rains when you have your best suit on. Your business goes bankrupt. You bite a rotten apple. A heel breaks. Your lover breaks up with you. You miss a flight. A friend falls seriously ill. There a big and small things that life presents us with. How do we choose to deal with these things? Do we let them suck all the light out of our days? Or do we grief and look for the positive?

Neil Pasricha shows in this very funny and touching TED talk that focusing on the latter (and seeking the little awesome things), even when there are only small things, makes you feel better in the end. He talks about what he calls 'the three A's of awesome': Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity. A really powerful talk.

In short, the key points of the talk:

Attitude - Choosing to move forward
'... you always got two choices: One - You can swirl and twirl in gloom and doom forever or Two - you can grief and then face the future with newly sober eyes'

Awareness - Remembering that we saw everything for the first time, embracing the three year old inside yourself

Authenticity - Be yourself and be cool with that!

And of course, live your life now. You will never get any younger than you are today and in a hundred years we will all be dead anyway.

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