Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in Amsterdam

Amsterdam sure was nice to me, when I came back. Was wamrly welcomed by the ones I love and the sun was shining! Even though it's not Starbucks, I am again enjoying the coffee from my Gaggia machine. How I love to make myself a cafe latte! Every time it brings me pure pleasure.. I sit down on my balcony and inhale its smell. Too bad my biggest sister isn't here with me...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back in Jakarta

Aryaduta again

Biak, Papua

Wow, time flies. Somehow I haven't been able to access my blog the past few days, but now I'm back! After my stay in Makassar, I left for Biak where I was picked up by Pak Joko. He is the owner of Radio Perkasa and took great care of me during my stay.

This is the view from my room at the Basana Inn

Radio Perkasa

The radio Perkasa mobile

The love doctor gives advise on how to ensure the one you love, loves you back.

Beautiful Biak

Friday, April 11, 2008


After my friends at Kendari TV threw me a great farewell party, I needed to take a rest. Since I had 14 hours of transit time to kill, it all came together.

Here's the view of my hotel in Makassar. I haven't seen anything of the city, only took time to relax and do some reading. Before leaving Kendari, I took some more pictures though:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The only bule in Kendari

It already started when I entered the airplane - the stares were unstoppable! The man sitting next to me was scared I might start talking to him in English, which he doesn't master - so he told me later. Fortunately (because he was certainly a talker), there was no language barrier after all and I got to hear all about his grandchildren (including pictures).

Here, in Kendari, it's no different. Besides one white man I saw at the airport I am the only bule here. This morning one of the girls working at the hotel wanted to take a picture with me. Well, despite the staring, I am feeling very comfortable here. Kendari is a small town, with a very kind atmosphere. The people at Kendari TV are taking very good care of me, I must add. It's great to see the work they do.

Kendari TV entrance

Yesterday I wanted to take a picture of the view from my hotel room and realized there is no view! To give you an impression anyway and to show you what everyone is staring at - here's the picture I took. Behind me is a painting of Paris, by the way.

A room without a view

Monday, April 7, 2008

A smoggy day in Jakarta town

Nothing out of the ordinary you may say, the sky is gray smog again. This is my view from the Aryaduta Hotel, where I've been sleeping off my jet lag. It helps to have my big sister here; we're completely up-to-date on each other's lives again!

Tonight I depart for Kendari. In the meantime, the sign in front of my hotel room reminds of the fact that I must practice my Bahasa Indonesia. It reads: Be proud in speaking Indonesian. Probably big city Jakartans are ruining their language with English slang, so they need a governmental reminder to stay culturally pure. I'm trying to abide by it ; )

Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Voice Office warming

Here's a short impression of the office warming of Free Voice's brandnew home. After 3 minutes, you'll see me singing! With hartfelt gratitude to Samer Mohdad who made the film.