Monday, February 22, 2010

Indonesia, Indonesia - May your skin be white and unwrinkled

The past months, it hasn't been easy for me to find facial cream that wouldn't make my skin even whiter. Almost all skin products you can buy in Indonesia contain whitener! In my case, whitener is not really necessary... Actually, in the Netherlands I even sometimes bought the cream which made my skin look 'healthier' - back home that means it contains some chemical for tanning. That is where East and West still differ. In the West, we want bronze skins to look 'healthy' (and to show how often we can take holidays to warm places). In the East, whiteness is still seen as refined. It shows you have money enough to not to have to go outside. I've seen girls wearing umbrellas and gloves up to their armpits (when driving a car for instance) to protect themselves from the sun.

One thing we do seem to agree about everywhere in the world is that we, especially women, have to stay young. Or at least LOOK young. The billboard in the picture says something like "Pretty at age thirty and beyond'. The girl on the poster obviously is not thirty yet. The thirty-year old in the foreground however is happy to know that there is cream to battle her wrinkles with!


The Corn World said...

hehehe.. do you live in Indonesia?

The Corn World said...

do you live in Indonesia?

because Indonesian women's skin isn't white like others Asian..

ialexs said...

heyy.. kantor saya keliatan in the pic! :) lol

nice to meet you at #igniteJakarta

Unknown said...

Idem sm dengan ialexs

"nice to meet you at #igniteJakarta"

e-no si nagacentil said...

it's public demand, Indonesian men mostly like white women

Aulia said...

actually cut mini theo (the woman whose face is on the billboard) is nearly 40.