Monday, January 5, 2009

Cat person

Yes, I will not lie about it: I am a cat person. I love cats, and I love them more than I love dogs... Dogs are faithful and watchful, true. But then again, they are also smelly and they have the tendency to bark and lick you. Those are definite cons for me. Cats however are soft and lazy and love the luxurious life. I like that; they honestly don't care who takes care of them, who gives them all their love - as long as they keep on receiving. If you're lucky, they just might give you some love in return.

When I was growing up, we had two Persian cats. Aga Khan, was the grey one, who lived longest and Djenghis Khan (yeah, my mom gave them these names) was black and my favorite. He'd always try to stick close to me and sit on top of me in the most uncomfortable position...

A brief search on 'cat people versus dog people leads to some interesting website, where people ask questions such as: "Why are cat people usually smarter than dog people?". I'll not get into such discussions here. Instead I wanted to show you a clip of a dog who recently became a hero in Chili. And just to keep things balanced, I'm adding the picture of Dante, this beautiful cat, I met on the train from Amsterdam to Leiden.


Miriam said...
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Miriam said...

From one cat person to the other: of course we are smarter! But that dog... I don't see Persil doing that, to be honest. Although I might need to give her some more credit.
And was that cat traveling alone, wearing a coat? I don't see Persil doing that either. But then again, Persil is really good at sleeping during the day and keeping me awake at night. And in making very weird noises..