Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Romeo

I am a groupie, and a proud one. My very own 'little' brother, Lennart, starred as Romeo in Shakespeare's famous play last weekend. Of course, I was gleaming with pride! Not only is he a great singer, he can act! And, he even persuaded the directors to allow for one song (as this was not supposed to become a musical). They made him sing in Italian, which he did marvelously. Naturally, the image quality of my recordings is not perfect, but (especially in the last two) it's the sound that counts. I'm already looking forward to next year! And, do check out the X-factor: Lennart auditioned and we have reason to believe his story will get some airtime...

The famous scene; Romeo, oh Romeo, Wherefor art thou Romeo?
"Jij mag me opeten, alleen jij! Ik wil alleen door jou opgepeuzeld worden, Julia!"

Strani Amori

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