Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The only bule in Kendari

It already started when I entered the airplane - the stares were unstoppable! The man sitting next to me was scared I might start talking to him in English, which he doesn't master - so he told me later. Fortunately (because he was certainly a talker), there was no language barrier after all and I got to hear all about his grandchildren (including pictures).

Here, in Kendari, it's no different. Besides one white man I saw at the airport I am the only bule here. This morning one of the girls working at the hotel wanted to take a picture with me. Well, despite the staring, I am feeling very comfortable here. Kendari is a small town, with a very kind atmosphere. The people at Kendari TV are taking very good care of me, I must add. It's great to see the work they do.

Kendari TV entrance

Yesterday I wanted to take a picture of the view from my hotel room and realized there is no view! To give you an impression anyway and to show you what everyone is staring at - here's the picture I took. Behind me is a painting of Paris, by the way.

A room without a view

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