Friday, April 11, 2008


After my friends at Kendari TV threw me a great farewell party, I needed to take a rest. Since I had 14 hours of transit time to kill, it all came together.

Here's the view of my hotel in Makassar. I haven't seen anything of the city, only took time to relax and do some reading. Before leaving Kendari, I took some more pictures though:


سامر said...

You should do more pictures like the one: "A room without a view". Any where you see your reflection in a glass or a mirror, in any place exterior or interior; just capture it... you will be building a nice emotional expression, using a photographic approach..... salamaat

Michael said...


ok, dit is een openbare blog....

Leuk om wat foto's te zien van de plek die je dit moment bezoekt. Goed dat je, je Indonesisch weer up to date kunt brengen daar met alle varianten die je ongetwijfeld tegen zult komen.
en al dat soort dingen....blablabla
Fijn je even over de telefoon te hebben gesproken.
p.s. snap de vorige comment niet helemaal denk ik ;-)