Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Breaking the daily grind

This morning, just like every weekday, my alarm rang at 6.40 AM. Only this time I didn't get up for breakfast and get on the 8.03 train to The Hague Central Station. No, today I got up to get down on it at Morning Gloryville Amsterdam. This early morning rave (which of course first started in London) was held at Club Lite, which just happens to be across the street from my place. Surrounded by people who were dressed in fitness gear, barefoot, in full party attire, high heals or pajamas's, I woke up with a beat.

For me, the idea of working from nine to five in my field is old-fashioned, mostly because I personally do not function well sitting behind a computer or in meetings for eight hours straight (who does?). Of course, it comes in handy to be at the office when colleagues are there too, but sometimes working alone late at night is what I need a lot more. The daily grind does not inspire me even though I am often in good company on the train and even try to liven it up with sweet notes to fellow commuters. In Jakarta, I always asked my motorbike driver to take a different route to work, just to tickle my brain a bit...

Luckily, my current employer is flexible and supports people to try out other ways of working. So, I ended up on the dance floor with two colleagues this morning at 7. Thus far, I have worked like a machine! Maybe it's because I've had a chance to my shake up my week, loosen up my body and laugh out loud - all before 9AM.

Reporters from the Dutch news were there too!
No, YOU're amazing!
Butterfly taking a break

Massage and yoga on spot
Yeah, hugs!


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