Tuesday, January 7, 2014

May 2014 be as funky as 2013 was!

Happy new year! May 2014 bring you lots of happiness, compassion and love.

As I always do during the last days of the year, I looked back on the previous year. Overall conclusion: 2013 was a very good year. I spent quality time with the people I love, met a lot of new and inspiring people in the most amazing locations and learned a lot. I learned for instance how to keep on walking with feet covered in blisters and a fever that made me delirious.

The things I am most proud of:
  • Walked more than 650 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela 
  • Wrote about 100 lieve brieven 
  • Put up a Dreamboard with Liliane 
  • 'Married' my friends Brittany and Philippe (I officiated the ceremony)
  • Organised (and presented) an Ignite event 
  • Started driving lessons again 
  • Ate a grasshopper
Some other highlights:
  • Visited London with my sister Ayla
  • Learned about critical connections with Gibran (in Nicaragua)
  • Went on the camino (with its own highlights: the first albergue, Paul's last dinner, foodie day with Suzanne, the preacher, meeting Johnny Redsocks, arriving in Santiago)
  • Being in Porto with Pim
  • Visiting Kanchanaburi and the Saxophone bar in great company
  • Did a Sweat Lodge with the fantastic Angelique 
  • Learned about being centered and strong all around through practicing Taikiken
In 2013 I got to know some people I already knew a lot better, for which I am very grateful. Also I met a lot of new remarkable people in 2013. Thank you for making 2013 such a fantastic adventure!

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