Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas and Crocs

So, I did miss something indeed: Christmas is a big thing amongst Buddhists! Not only was there a Christmas tree in front of the mall near our hotel, all malls seemed to have at least one. And that was only the beginning! Back home we have this rule; no Christmas stuff before Sinterklaas. We celebrate this holy man's birthday on the 5th of December, after which Christmas craze can officially start (By the way, Sinterklaas arrives this Sunday in Amsterdam!). This leaves us only twenty days for preparing, which is - considering the amount of fun some us find in it - rather short. However, being all set in the beginning of November is perhaps a bit too enthusiastic.

And then there's another thing that I don't get: Crocs. The hype seems to have somewhat passed back home, but here in Asia... Crocs are hot! I can see why my brother and sister wear them when we go camping; they're easy to slip in and out of and seem pretty comfortable. But why do Bangkok's coolest wear them while trotting the mall? And the skytrain, for that matter?

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