Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspiration; Ted and Obama

How do we remain inspired when we're living our daily lives and going about our business as usual? Well, the answer is to keep on listening to what other people have to say. Not everyone has luminous ideas, but fortunately some of the most inspiring people have been brought together on a platform: TED - It's actually quite addictive... Even though it's impossible to choose, I've embedded only one speech below; Once upon a school. It's about a project started by Dave Eggers, great stuff! Watch it and do something...

Not only TED gets me going though; there's more inspiration in Barack Obama's speeches and the words of those trying to underline his... So here's Bruce Springsteen for you:

Finally, the people I work with and for never cease to inspire; journalists and human rights activists operating on the edge of what is allowed in their countries. Keep it up, my friends!

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