Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For a little more than a week I have had the pleasure to spend a lot of time with Persil. As I mentioned before she's a beautiful cat, though a bit psycho at times. Her breed apparently has a hard time spending time alone and that becomes very clear from her behavior. She craves attention, all the time. Of course, it has been practically impossible getting her in front of the webcam...


Miriam said...

That IS a lovely cat! She looks beautiful! I wish I had one of those...oh, wait...I have!. It's great to see her on the internet. And if I'm right, she normally just sits right in font of the webcam whenever you really need to use the computer.
Much love to her! And you of course!

Neneng said...

Wat een mooi ,lieve gekke kat is Persil,ik wil ook weer een kat zoals vroeger!Maar ik wil gewoon een straatkat en rood,mannetje!
Knufels en miau voor Persil van de andere Susan