Monday, September 3, 2007

That's how the cookie crumbles...

When we were on a holiday in Thailand two years ago, we saw these cookie cans on the market. The salesman didn't understand at first when we tried to explain that we wanted to buy the can, not the cookies. We paid 10 cents and were happy as can be. I asked my dear friend Elske to take the can to Bangkok, so that we didn't have to drag it around through Thailand on our further journeys. When we arrived in Bangkok three weeks later, we were scolded by Elske. Never again would she be embarrased like that. All Thai had laughed at her, especially the security guys who made her put the can through the x-ray. Well, who'd thought our cute idea, would become someone else's business plan. So, Elske, if your ever come to Holland again, bring some of these, will you?

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