Friday, November 9, 2007

Sick of Jakarta?

Who would have thought I'd be caught with a flu in Indonesia? Well, from the huge amount of medicins available for this illness, it is not all that uncommon here. The typically Indonesian questions: "Sudah minum obat?" (Have you already taken medicine?) has of course been posed many times. I have taken some freaky colored tablets and mostly try to sleep a lot. My sister has come over to take care of me, so all will be well soon.

As I have not been so good in actually writing updates on all that I have been doing here, I refer to the blog of my (until recently) travel partner Marc Visch: Where he found the time for these reflections on Indonesia, I am not sure. For the Dutch readers among you, it is recommended reading material! Enjoy! For now, I am stuck here:

(c)Marc Visch

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