Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asia's crazy little things

As I have been blogging for Amnesty in Dutch, I have somewhat neglected this blog. This time I'll talk about some weird things that caught my eye here. Still in Bangkok, I noticed how all the schoolgirls in their uniforms wear belts. The skirts they wear (and pull up, to make them as short as possible) however do not have straps for the belts. How do they solve the problem of their belts moving up and down? Right, by attaching it with a big paperclip - you know, the ones you uses to bundle a big stack of documents... First, I thought it was just one girl being creative, but in fact its a movement! Being very quick one morning, I took a picture of this girl at the breakfast buffet.

And then two pictures taken at a Java Jazz Hotdog stand - Indonesians do it better, or at least bigger :P

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