Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily trainride - and a whole lot of music!

Every day while riding the train from Amsterdam to Hilversum, this is my view - unfortunately not always as sunny... The music on my I-Pod always completes the picture - if I'm not chatting away with my colleague Maike. Thought I'd share with my newest musical addictions:

Tompi - My happy life (Indonesian jazz. This guy has a great voice! And I don't quickly say this hehe I am completely hooked. Oh and he's actually a surgeon)

Madonna - Hard candy (She still does it! 'Heartbeat' and 'Miles' away are great and getting better as I am playing them more often. Can't wait to hear them in friend Polly's BMW, where the music just soars around you)

Jamie Lidell - Jim (Oldfashioned soul. Makes you want to sing along out loud, even while waking outside. Very funky songs and very tender ones)

Erykah Badu - The New Amerykah (Badu's newest thing. A bit conceptual from time to time - which always goes over my head - but it's sure nice that Badu is back!)

Kurt Elling - Body and Soul (This is just one song I particularly like. Kurt is a great singer, his voice is dark and light at the same time. He sings continuously for about ten minutes on the chords of the original jazz standard. Below I'm pasting Natur boy, especially for my brother Lennart, who did a great version of his own a while a go)

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