Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for a soulman

Since Amy Winehouse disappeared into a world of drugs and rehab clinics, I've been searching for a soulman or woman to fill the gap. Some great artists came along, old and new. I still love Mary J. Blige, have recently discovered Janelle Monae and really like soulwoman Sharon Jones. When it comes to male singers, I really like Daniel Merriweather and the French Ben L'Oncle.

But when I first heard Liam Bailey, I knew this is the guy I'd been waiting for! His voice - frail and worn yet strong - goes straight to the heart. His single 'Breaking out' has been lingering in my head for several days now. Liam released his first singles on Amy Winehouse's lioness label and will release his debut album in January 2011.

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